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TooManyItems Mod – Minecraft PE 0.15.9, 0.15.0 APK | MCPE

Too Many Items Mod MCPE is a mod to give possibility to use, or pick up any game item without crafting, or search inside the world.

Too Many Items new mod for minecraft pocket edition which can also be called TooManyItems or even TMI, it was developed by the young MrARM, a developer of mobile mods minecraft or MINECRAFT PE for those who prefer a reduced form of the name

too-many-items-mcpe2 too-many-items-mcpe too-many-items-mcpe Toolbox-mcpe2 Toolbox-mcpe

Features in Too Many Items MCPE

  • ModPEs – The ModPEs are just different switches (game mode switches and game changing switches) within Minecraft. Your actions are displayed at the top right of your screen. You can switch easily from day to night, you can switch from survival to creative, you can increase your level insanely, you can turn on “invisible” to make you invisible and you can also sprint and fly.
  • ENCHANT – What this does is that it allows you to add anything you want to sort and enchanted insanely. Also, you can enchant anything you want- you can do any diamond tool, any diamond hammer.
  • ITEM – This is where too many items come in. It is basically just an item inventory editors. You can add anything from the displayed menu into your game.
  • CREATURE- You can spawn as many creatures as you want
  • TELEPOT – Let’s say I want to set a point to teleport to a top of a tower. All I have to do is to go to the menu, click on teleport and then add a new teleport location. It gets you back to your original position whenever you get lost.
  • SCREENSHOT – This is just for taking of screenshots.

Installation instructions Too Many Items:

• Download the zip containing the modification and textures.
• Remove it with your file explorer / manager (I recommend ES File Explorer).
• Install textures in BlockLauncher.
• import the local storage of the script in BlockLauncher and enable it.

Download Too Many Items Mod MCPE 0.15.0:

Download Too Many Items Mod 0.15.0

Toomanyitems 0.15.0

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0
mcpe 0.15.0 download

Download Block Launcher PRO 0.15.0Block Launcher

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