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Skyblock PE Map for Minecraft PE 0.16.0/0.15.10/0.15/0.14/0.13

Skyblock PE Map To MCPE [survival]

Skyblock PE is one of the most popular maps for minecraft with thousands of downloads on PC versions, it has now been released for Minecraft Pocket Edition and now this walking fast to get the same number of downloads.

A floating island in the sky, with just one Chest, a tree and a small number of blocks, and a multitude of challenges, From there you have to survive as long as possible in skyblock. By using the items found and carefully using the smart tree (as destroying some of the leaves to try to find apples) are some of the tactics for this map,
According to the creator of this Skyblock PE, there is an attempt to create two difficulties to this map, one for beginners and one for professionals, more information you can check out the mod forum.

Download Skyblock PE Map and try to overcome! Maybe you can expand it and create a self-sustainable city in the future.

Skyblock PE Map for mcpe

Challenges Skyblock PE Map:
# 1 Make a Stones generator
# 2 Make a bridge to the sand island
# 3 Make a large stone house, with at least 3 floors
# 4 Get 10 cacti
# 5 Expand the island as much as you can with stones!
# 6 Build a grinder mob!
# 7 Make a farm!
# 8 Make all possible colors and wool blocks!
# 9 Do 10 shelves

Skyblock PE Map Rules:
# Game in Normal
# Do not leave … oh, wait … this is paperback edition, so … you can not …
# Do not die to regenerate health.
# You must have fun!

Skyblock PE Map Installation

  1. Download the map. It has to be original Pocket Edition.
  2. Go to SD on your device and go to games →  com.mojang → minecraftWorlds.
  3. In that folder, you’ll see their worlds.
  4. Paste the map you downloaded and ready!
  5. Start the Minecraft PE and play! = D

Download Skyblock PE Map for Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.4
mcpe 0.15.0 download

Download Block Launcher PRO 0.15.4Download Block Launcher

Download Skyblock PE
Mediafire - if the first link dont work try this!
Skyblock PE Forum

Credits: dadato2

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