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Rei’s MiniMap Mod – Minecraft PE 1.0.4/0.16.2/0.15.10 APK | MCPE

Rei’s MiniMap Mod

Rei’s MiniMap Mod is simple he adds a map in the upper left corner of your Minecraft allowing you to look your location and even buildings throughout the game the green dots on the map are Mobs Pacific and the red points are in attack mode.

Rei’s MiniMa

Rei’s MiniMa Mod

Rei’s MiniMap Mod Installation Instructions

• Download the zip containing the modification and textures.
• Remove it with your file explorer / manager (I recommend ES File Explorer).
• Install textures in BlockLauncher.
• import the local storage of the script in BlockLauncher and enable it.


Download Rei’s MiniMap Mod MCPE 0.15.0:

Download Rei’s MiniMap Mod 0.14.1

mcpe mod download

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0
mcpe 0.15.0 download

Download Block Launcher PRO 0.15.0Block Launcher

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