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PureBDcraft PE (PureBDcraft) Texture Pack for MCPE 0.16.0/0.15.10/0.15.0 Download

PocketBDcraft PE is one of the most popular texture packs for Minecraft PE 0.15.4, is a fun and beautiful texture pack that adds Many details, and soft embellishment, was created with great effort by a team of people over a long period of time resulting in one of the more excellent texture packs. It is commonly known as PureBDcraft.

It is a texture pack with a theme based on graphic animated drawings, as you can see in the pictures, a basic design however very well work, much like the graphics in books in comic, the soft detailing enhances the beauty of this texture pack.
A cheerful style that brings even more joy for so beloved game!

You’ll be stunned to know that PureBDcraft is also available for iOS and Android!
Download right now “PureBDcraft PE”, a port of PureBDcraft for iOS and Android with all the special features and textures of Minecraft PocketEdition!


PocketBDcraft PE Texture Pack Installation

Installing Android

  1. First download:
    BlockLauncher PRO
    – Any File Manager
  2. Download the texture packs.
  3. Go to paste downloads the file manager, and extract the texture files here.
  4. Now open Block Launcher and go tool key settings.
  5. Choose to use Texture Pack, and go to the downloads folder and click on the downloaded texture pack.
  6. Open your game, load a world, and have fun!

Installing iOS Jailbreak

  1. Software you will need:
    – IFile
  2. First, download the texture pack, and choose to open with iFile.
  3. Once inside, choose extract all files / folders.
  4. Hold down the folder and choose Select All; then go to the bottom right and select Copy.
  5. Click the home button in the application and from there choose the Applications folder and find the path labeled “Minecraft PE”.
  6. From there, go to and choose to paste all the files.
  7. Open your game, load a world, and have fun!

Download PureBDcraft PE Texture Pack for Android & iOS

Download PureBDcraft PE (Android)
Download PureBDcraft PE (iOS)

Credits: Coujean99 (Twitter) –

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Download The MOD For Minecraft PE Now!


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