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Pokemon Mod for Minecraft PE 1.0.4/0.16.2/0.15.10 (Pokecube)

Pokemon Mod also known as Pokecube PE (pokedroid PE) is the combination of two popular games: Minecraft PE and Pokémon. In Pokecube you are able to pick and choose from 90+ different Pokémon, try a battle system, in a full of innovations world.

PokeDroid for mcpe

Pokemon Mod IDs and info

  • Pokeball 1 (489 or 495) – An item not craftable. Used to pick up his first Pokémon.
  • Pokeball 2-6 (490, 491, 492, 493, 494) – An item craftable you can use to capture any Pokémon.
  • Poke Flute (449) – Use it to spawn Snorlax (touch the floor).
  • Saddle (329) – Tap a Pokemon with the item to assemble it.
  • Poffin (453) – Tap a Pokémon to feed it.
  • Checker Statistics (454)
  • Rare Candy (466) – Use it to level up your Pokémon
  • Potion (467)
  • Super Potion (468) – All potions can heal a Pokémon during battle
  • Hyper Potion (469)
  • Max Potion (470)
  • Pokedex (471)
  • Healing Table (200) – Have your Pokemon fainted or was injured? Use the healing table to heal it.
  • PC (201, 202) – Use a PC to release a Pokemon.

Installing Pokemon Mod in MCPE

Here you see the tutorial on how to install amazing mod!

  1. Click the download button below.
  2. Extract V Pokecube PE
  3. Locate the Pokecube PE.js and file.
  4. Use Block Launcher to import Pokecube.js and choose as its texture pack.
  5. Done!

If you keep yet with any doubt, no forget of see our tutorial of How to Install Minecraft PE Mods

Download Pokemon Mod for Minecraft PE

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Dowload Pokemon Mod

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.4

Download Block Launcher PRO 0.15.4

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