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PocketinvEditor MOD – Minecraft PE 0.16.2, 0.15.0 APK | MCPE

PocketinvEditor for MCPE

PocketinvEditor MOD: In this highly requested mod you’re allowed to edit  your own Minecraft world in MCPE! Do almost everything PC users are able to do in PC Minecraft. For exmaple, Edit your gamemode, Change your world time, spawn position, Copy seeds and many many more features! The mod is still in development so expect more features!

PocketinvEditor MOD PocketinvEditor MOD apk PocketinvEditor MOD mcpe apk PocketinvEditor mcpe

Installation instructions:

• Download the zip containing the modification and textures.
• Remove it with your file explorer / manager (I recommend ES File Explorer).
• Install textures in BlockLauncher.
• import the local storage of the script in BlockLauncher and enable it.

Download PocketinvEditor MOD MCPE 0.14.1:

Download PocketinvEditor MOD 0.14.1

mcpe mod download

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0
mcpe 0.15.0 download

Download Block Launcher PRO 0.15.0Block Launcher

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Download The MOD For Minecraft PE Now!


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