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More Swords PE Mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.9/0.15.7/0.15.0 | MCPE

The More Swords Mod introduces 16 latest swords to the MCPE. Each sword is like the default ones yet an overhauled and all the more capable adaptation. The main sword that stands out is the Troll Sword which got unquestionably extraordinary (and perhaps not all that helpful) element? However, that will abandon you to investigate in the mod.

more swords mod mcpe

More Swords Mod INFO

Dawn Star
Damage: 6
Durability: 1286
Effect: Causes fire damage to enemies.

Draconic Blade
Damage: 7
Durability 1089
Effect: Removes all buffs from enemies.

Eye End Blade
Damage: 8
Durability: 1580
Effect: Not yet implemented.

Glacial Edge
Damage: 6
Durability: 680
Effect: Causes Slowness to enemies.

Damage: 6
Durability: 645
Effect: Causes Poison to enemies.

Damage: 7
Durability: 812
Effect: Causes a heal effect.

Wither’s Bane
Damage: 8
Durability: 1869
Effect: Causes Wither damage to enemies.

Aether’s Guard
Damage: 8
Durability: 1796
Effect: Causes enemies to fly into the air. Currently broken due to vanilla bug.

Adminium Ark
Damage: 9999999
Durability: 9999999
Effect: Rekts everything. Not ubtainable in survival.

Other Information
Crafting recipes can be seen at the crafting table.
Zombies can ocasionally spawn holding a sword from this mod.
The /moreswords swords command will add all swords to the inventory.
The /moreswords crafting command will add all crafting materials to the inventory.

Installing More Swords Mod in MCPE

Here you see the tutorial on how to install this amazing mod!

  1. Click the download button below.
  2. Extract
  3. Locate the More Swords Mod .js and file.
  4. Use Block Launcher to import More Swords Mod .js and choose as its texture pack.
  5. Done!

If you keep yet with any doubt, no forget of see our tutorial of How to Install Minecraft PE Mods

Download More Swords Mod for Minecraft PE

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