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How to Install Mods in Minecraft PE 0.16.0/0.15.10 using BlockLauncher

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Welcome to this new tutorial, is basically how to use Blocklauncher to install Minecraft Pocket Edition mods for your Android device, now pretty much any money that you find ever for Minecraft Pocket Edition, uses blocklauncher to load them up.

Basically i gonna be explaining to you how to get blocklauncher and how to get a fairly complex mod with sounds and textures and all that, installers so let’s get right into it now.

The first thing you’re going to do is open up to the Downloads section and download it, the only real benefit to buying blockLauncher Pro is actually that its ad free you can do basically everything with a free version so we’re just gonna install the free version after blocklauncher installs you can just open it, now you’ll have to download some of our mods, there are several mods for minecraft, this is a great benefit of this amazing game, you can find many mods by clicking here.

blocklauncher google play


– Patch an unlimited number of PTPatches and ModPE scripts
– Load textures from any Pocket Edition-compatiable texture pack
– Patch server IPs

How to Install Mods in Minecraft PE 0.16.0 using BlockLauncher?

• Download the zip containing the Mod and textures.
• Extract it with your file explorer / manager (I recommend ES File Explorer).
• Install textures with the BLauncher.
• import the local storage of the script in BLauncher and enable it.

Just choose Options on the main screen, then select mods.

Download MCPE Launcher

Download MCPE B.Launcher PRO

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