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How to Install Minecraft PE 0.16.2/0.16.0 Mods for Android, WP & iOS

How to Install Minecraft PE 0.16.2 Mods for Android, Windows Phone and iOS

BlockLauncher Pro 0.16.2 for Minecraft Pocket Edition is a charger and Mods installer, textures, scripts, and many utilities for MCPE, is extremely useful for those who like to install additional things in Minecraft PE.

Como Instalar Minecraft PE Mods Para AndroidOnce you have downloaded the BlockLauncher Pro application, follow the steps below! At the bottom, there is also a video you can see how to install minecraft pe mods.
1. Download the app BlockLauncher: Free BlockLauncher or BlockLauncher Pro
2. Go to the mods section and find the mod you want. Minecraft PE 0.15.1 Mods.
Mods are different in different locations for downloading the file js. This guide works for .modpkg files as well.
3. Start Minecraft Pocket Edition and open the BlockLauncher menu and select “Manage Scripts ModPE”.
Select “Import”.
Select “Local Storage”.
Select the “Download” folder.
Select the js file and it will install.

You can now play normally, with the mod you just installed.

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