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Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.4 APK (Mod God) Full

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.4 APK (Mod God) Full

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.4 was last updated on July 28, 2016, this update is to fix bugs and make some changes to the game. Download now MCPE 0.15.4 and test the news, tell us what you think of this new updating in the comments please!

Update Minecraft PE 0.15.4


  • Villains Skin Pack


  • Redstone will now automatically link to any input device (iOS and Kindle Fire).
  • When opening Minecraft and signed into Xbox Live, it will say Signing into Xbox Live…. beside the language icon.
  • More localization fixes.
  • Fixed the HUD moving when riding an animal in VR.
  • Fixed a few texture issues.
  • Some tweaks to Gear VR edition performance and experience.
  • Increased draw distance for Win 10 edition.
  • Tweaked the server button.





  • Update 0.15.3 bug fixes for iOS and Kindle Fire.
    • All block entities act like full blocks (iOS).
  • Fixed comfort issues caused by rain and snow in the player’s face in VR.
  • Leads lines no longer disconnect from the hand when jumping in Immersive Mode in Gear VR.
  • Leads now display the correct texture and don’t cause crashes in Gear VR.
  • Fixed a crash on the inventory screen.
  • Horse container screen now keeps labels visible.
  • Bone Meal and Spawn Eggs now consumed in Survival mode.
  • B button to quit from main menu works on Win 10 edition now.
  • Fixed a crash when creating or entering a new world.
  • Fixed a crash when traveling the world with render distance set to maximum.
  • Worlds with UTF-8 symbols in their name are now displayed in the Play tab for Win 10.
  • Fixed some issues with players creating new Realms.

MCPE 0.15.4 APK Installation Tutorial

  1. Download the files, the link below (apk + data)
  2. Paste the APK to the memory or SD on your Android
  3. Disconnect your computer from mobile
  4. Open your phone’s memory explorer,
  5. Look for the APK and install
  6. Have a good game!

Download links Minecraft PE 0.15.4

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Download APK MCPE v0.15.4.0
The game was updated to MCPE 0.15.6 APK.
Credits: Mojang
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