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Download Minecraft PE 0.16.1 | Download MCPE 0.16.1 APK + Servers

Download Minecraft PE 0.16.1 | Download MCPE 0.16.1 APK + Servers

Minecraft PE 0.16.1 (AKA The Boss Update) has just won its first update to MCPE 0.16.1, updated on November 4, 2016. This is a small update that consists of fixing some bugs and two minor changes in the game, One that can be quite useful as it will improve the players’ performance, and the other just a routine change to correct poorly made game creation choices.
After upgrading to Minecraft PE 0.16.1, you have to install Blocklauncher to be able to use mods in your game, but keep in mind that you should also update your mods, we have all kinds of updates here, if you liked this update, please, comment below with your opinion, Thanks!

Minecraft PE 0.16.1 Update APK Download!

minecraft-pe-0-16-1-apk minecraft-pe-0-16-1

MCPE 0.16.1 Changelog


  • Fixed spacing so there’s now enough room for some longer localized text.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Fixed a crash caused by some Splash Potions generated through slash Commands.
  • The Player can now delete a world and save a resource pack if the path has UTF-8 characters.
  • Fixed updating Player Inventory slots.
  • Fixed Realms crash when placing an Item Frame.
  • Fixed game crash when renaming a Map.
  • Creepers explode when attacked by Snow Golems now.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new world.
  • Fixed crashes caused by Fire Arrows.
  • Fixed crash on iOS devices when game is resumed.
  • Fixed crash when a player eats a piece of cake.

Changelog here:


This guide will show you how to install Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.1 on android!

  1. Download the MCPE APK file, the link below.
  2. Paste the APK to the memory or SD on your Android.
  3. Disconnect your computer from mobile.
  4. Open your phone’s memory explorer,
  5. Look for the APK and install.
  6. Have a good game!

Download links for Minecraft PE 0.16.1 APK – Updated

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If you liked the MCPE v0.16.1, consider buying the game to help developers. To buy select the Google Play link.

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