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BlockLauncher Pro for Minecraft PE 0.15.7 | MCPE 0.15.7

BlockLauncher Pro 0.15.7 is an app to Minecraft PE that gives you the ability to install Mods, Textures, Addons and Patches in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft PE 0.15.7 was last updated on August 31, 2016, this update is a minor update for MCPE, to fix bugs and make some changes to the game.


Minecraft PE 0.15.7 Update

  • Natural Texture Pack
  • Added localization for the Natural texture pack.
  • Improved some text rendering, spacing and button sizes to accommodate above mentioned localization.
  • Updated size and positions for logo and text for better comfort in Rift. (Win 10 only)

Block Launcher 0.15.7 Features

  • Installation texture packs (you can use up to 2 textures pack at the same time (eg
  • Shader Pack + one textures pack).
  • Shader settings.
  • Install skins.
  • Patch installation.
  • Installation Addons BL.
  • Install ModPE Script (Mods).
  • Change DPI.

Block Launcher PRO Features:

  • Patch an unlimited number of PTPatches and ModPE scripts.
  • Load textures from any Pocket Edition-compatiable texture pack.
  • Patch server IPs.

BLOCKLAUNCHER MAY NOT WORK ON ALL DEVICES! If it crashes with your device, please post on the forum thread with your device model and your operating system version for support.

BlockLauncher Pro 0.15.7 for MCPE

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BlockLauncher 0.15.7 Free APK

BlockLauncher 0.15.7

BlockLauncher Pro 0.15.7

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