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BlockLauncher Pro for Minecraft PE 0.15.2 | MCPE 0.15.2

BlockLauncher Pro for Minecraft PE 0.15.2

BlockLauncher Pro 0.15.2 is an App with Which you can install on the Minecraft Pocket Edition: mods, textures, add-ons, patches and more, recently was released Minecraft PE 1.15.2, and now we have to upgrade to Block Launcher Pro caution when installing large amount of mods for not corrupt your MCPE.


What’s New in Minecraft PE 0.15.2



Added Use Cellular Data Option


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Ghast spawn as giant floating squids.
  • Fixed bug where you cannot smelt Acacia or Dark Oak Wood in aFurnace to get Charcoal.
  • Fixed issue where Buttons and Pressure Plates act as a full block.

Features BLockLauncher:

  • Installation texture packs (you can use up to 2 textures pack at the same time (eg
  • Shader Pack + one textures pack).
  • Shader settings.
  • Install skins.
  • Patch installation.
  • Installation Addons BL.
  • Install ModPE Script (Mods).
  • Change DPI.

Download BlockLauncher Pro 0.15.2

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Download BlockLauncher Pro

Download BlockLauncher Pro 0.15.1

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