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BlockLauncher Pro 1.12.7 for MCPE 0.14.3 Download

BlockLauncher Pro 1.12.7

BlockLauncher Pro is a custom launcher for Minecraft PE, with it you will be able to load mods, textures and scripts for Minecraft PE, the BlockLauncher was updated for MCPE 0.14.3, Download Now!

Blocklauncher for mcpe Blocklauncher Pro for mcpe

ADDITIONS for 0.14.3

  • Biome Settlers 2 Skin Pack


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Incorrect Cloud texture
  • Fixed hiding chat not working
What’s New in Version 0.14.3 – 24 new Biome Settlers Skins! Play a Nether Extinguisher, a Mooshroom Forager, and much more!
– Various bug fixes.

Download Minecraft PE

Download BL 1.12.7

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Download The MOD For Minecraft PE Now!



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